A bouquet of tulips in watercolor

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Tulip bouquets for my watercolor painting

To find beautiful tulip bouquets for my watercolors, I stroll through the markets or visit my favorite flower shops. As early as January, tulips are offered in all varieties and colors as cut flowers. I can not resist this large selection of tulips and always buy a large spring bouquet. Of course, not only with the idea to put them on the table as a decoration but also to paint a tulip motif in watercolor.



 A tulip motive for an expressive watercolor

The tulips with their oval shaped flower heads can be implemented very well in an expressive watercolor. It is best if the flowers are in the vase for one to two days and the flower heads grow upwards and are longer than the leaves. Then you can arrange the bouquet wonderfully and put the tulip flowers in scene.

In my tulip watercolor on  top I worked on a 640 g/m²  thick watercolor cardboard in the format 29 x 22 inch.

My personal color choice in this spring watercolor are clear warm shades like, transparent orange, permanent rosé, mauve permanent, cobalt turquoise, may green and prussian green. In my search for new shades, I have discovered a beautiful hue in the art trade under the Russian colors called “White Nights”. The color is “violet rose”. The color is bright and mixes well with other colors. I think this shade fits in wonderfully with this spring-like color tone of the tulip watercolor, see above. The background of the picture I have kept in complementary blue tones to give the tulip flowers more radiance.



On this picture detail of my tulip watercolor you can see the luminosity of the color “violet rose”.

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I wish you much fun watching.




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