Color combination in modern watercolor

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Color combinations in watercolor

Why people are attracted to pictures is, in my opinion, the color combinations. Shapes can become secondary if the composition of colors harmonizes. The color combinations and color unit in a painting are very important. In realistic painting, each element in the picture has its own color. In the expressionist and free Watercolor painting as I pursue it, the color combinations in the entire image is enormously important, so that the color scheme looks uniform and harmonious. The colors do not always correspond to reality.

Spontaneous color choice

I often get asked how I choose the colors in my pictures. This is not an easy question, because I don´t have a color concept. My color choice is always spontaneous: which color fits in the picture, I put in the picture. But I make sure that there is a dominant main color, which is then represented throughout the picture to create a color connection. If this color turns out to be warm, then I’m looking for example for a cold, matching color or complementary color which I also use in the picture, but just less than the dominant. It always depends on which color game I want to achieve.

The mixtures of colors among each other, which have already been used in the picture, are also important colors that the picture usually needs. In addition I search for accent colors, which I use as strong spots, but only in a few places in the picture. Otherwise the painting could become too colorful.

That is how an expressionistic-looking picture could develop in color.

Write me if you have notes or other ideas.

I look forward to it.


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