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Painting a modern portrait –

Part 1 –  Get to know facial proportions with a small drawing course as “download”!  (see below)

If you create a very free painted portrait, it is an advantage to know the proportions of a face. Because even in an expressive and creatively painted portait it is important that the person you paint, for example, doesn´t look cross-eyed. 

A drawing course can teach you the basic rules of facial proportions In this post I have enclosed a drawing guide as a “DOWNLOAD” (see below). The complete guide in all the views of the face that I have drawn for you. It’s a simple, easy-to-understand guide that you can memorize quickly and easily draw.

Instructions for drawing a face

Gottfied Bammes and Andrew Loomis are two of the most well-known painters, graphic artists and art teachers who have developed the methods of drawing a head and a face. It is widespread to draw a face with the help of an oval. The oval is divided and the position of the eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose and ears are determined.

You can find thousands of drawn instructions on the internet. From the flood of information you can already lose track because too many different concepts have already developed. Often they don´t fit together especially when it comes to the different views of the face.

How to use the instruction for expressiv drawing and painting

For starters, it is sufficient to be able to draw and paint only a simple mouth, nose and eyes.  You don´t have to paint a realistic portrait. Create variations with color, hairstyle and background. In addition, a spontaneously painted picture is always unique.

Important is not the exact painting but the atmosphere in a picture.

So let your imagination and creativity run wild.


My next blog post: Part 2 How to paint a simple portrait!

Keep doing!


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