Ranunculus watercolor painting – expressive and simplified represent

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A Ranunculus bouquet in watercolor

In the language of flowers, the ranunculus stand for charm, cheerfulness and uniqueness. They are loved because of their long life as cut flowers in bouquets. I often have a bouquet at home in spring time, which makes me want to paint these spring beauties in watercolor. I had to come up with something to make these flowers expressive. Because in the simplified representation, many flowers have round shapes so you can easily confuse them with roses. Here are my thoughts that I have made myself to watercolor the ranunculus picture I show here in the post.

Studying the ranunculus to watercolor them

When looking closely at the Ranunculus bouquet, you can see that they have different sizes depending on the stage of flowering. There are the green buds that are shaped like little hearts and the smaller flower heads that just flowered. And the already large opened flower umbels with their stacked-looking petals give an impression of lushness. The flower center is usually a smal dark spot that is charakteristic of the ranunculus. The stems are not straight, but tangled. The bouquet often looks untidy because the heads stick out stubbornly when they are not tethered tightly by florist hands to bouquets. For this, fantasy is necessary to implement it in a picturesque way. In this way of studying, it was possible for me to discover the properties of this flower and to develop ideas for my watercolor.

Realize Ranunculus in watercolor

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I like serial painting. I love to start a topic over and over again, because I become more spontaneous and confident in painting of this theme. In doing so, I can intuitively bring all the studyied and characteristic of a subject  into the picture. The painted watercolor above titled “Ranunculus Watercolor” is now the result of all my thoughts and actions.

So I hope, the viewer of my picture can guess, despite the simplification of the forms which flower it is. But even if the painting result leads to confusion, an artist can still describe in the title of the picture what he has painted.

I hope you enjoy it.


Angela Tatli

PS: This watercolor I worked on Fabriano 640 g / m² with the format 76 x56.

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