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Contemporary portraits in watercolor

For many years I painted realistic portaits. Because my learned profession is a hairdresser and make-up artist, so the drawing and painting of face and hairstyles was very suitable. But the exact representation of a model is no more important to me today. It is much more the freedom to realize a motive with my imagination. 

The expressive, contemporary painting is a medium to express myself artistically.

A living model is just a source of inspiration. During the painting process, creativity goes its own way and I create an imaginative personality that does not exist in reality at all. I build a relationship and dialogue between me and the person I paint. This relationship can be very intense. Eyes that really come alive and want to tell something. Skepticism, thoughtfulness, disbelief or even dreaminess. The mouth also provides information about emotions. With these two details, eyes and mouth, you can paint very expressive faces.

That’s exciting.

It is not important to me that the proportions or colors in my picture are correct or correspond to reality. What is more important is the expression and the atmosphere it radiates.

The proportions of the face

The earlier study of facial anatomy in realistic painting helps me to get along very well without pre-drawing, which guarantees a spontaneous realization of the motive.

I would not say that it is absolutely necessary to know the anatomy of the face exactly. Because there are famous artists who have expressively painted nudes and portaits with only moderate knowledge about human proportions. An exact study for a contemporary portrait is not necessary. It is often a reason why many avoid this topic because they think it is too difficult. That’s not so.

In one of my next post I want to tell you how to paint a portrait with simple basics of facial proportions in watercolor and also how to use colors.

Stay tuned!


Angela Tatli


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