Venice an expressive watercolor painting

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Why a Venice picture in watercolor?

Venice in watercolor is modern, attractive and is in demand again and again. Many artists have already portrayed it in watercolor.

The lagoon city attracts by architectural style of the palazzos and bridges. With the dramatic light and dark areas of shadow and light on the houses. Also the sunlight that reflects in the water of the canal.

This is fascinating and invites you to paint this city.


What is important when painting a Venice picture in watercolor

My painting above is an expressive watercolor interpretation of an unknown alley in the old town of Venice. For the choice of the location it was important for me to depict the light and shadow areas on house walls and water. The palazzo on the right is totally in the shade, I designed the large area of this house so imaginatively that it had nothing to do with reality anymore. I painted the sunlit surfaces of house walls and water with warm colors. This created a romantic evening mood. The vanishing point ends with the house totally in the evening light. There, shadow and light meet each other with the strongest contrast.

It was so much fun to paint this picture, because the watercolor paper in the format of 29 X 22 Inch leaves a lot of brush-free space.

I hope that my cityscape “Venice in watercolor” inspires people and invites them to linger.


Your Angela Tatli


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