Watercolor: “Chrysanthemums in a glass vase”

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Watercolor paper for modern watercolors

For a good painting result the paper is important. 

This watercolor I have painted on a 640g / m² thick watercolor paper or cardboard, that consists to 100% of long cotton fibers.

It is one of my favorites because it allows a very wet watercolor technique.

Washes can be applied several times without causing turbidity. And it also keeps washouts, which can be painted again after drying. This cardboard is very hard-wearing and ideally suited for creative and modern watercolors to combine with other media such as Ink, chalk, wax crayons and guache paints.

The paper is expensive but it is worth its money because it is an exerience to paint on it. 

However, for beginners this paper is not recommended, because you need experience how the color pigments behave on watercolor paper.


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