Watercolor course with Bernhard Vogel

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For several years now, my painting has been taking me to Salzburg in the studio of Bernhard Vogel. Like every good craftsman, an artist needs regular inspiration and further education. The course theme this time was “Venice”. 

Freedom and creativity in watercolor

What inspires me in Bernhard’s courses, is that he gives his painting students the tools of a freer and more creative painting. This is not only the technique of the watercolor but also the courage to bring something else into his own works what you might call the “your” own thruth.

For me, that means getting away from the fear of doing something wrong.  A self-confident and courageous brushwork creates a creative process that can bring good results. 

Bernhard´s motto is when you’re a bit scared while you paint, the time has come to be brave. Painting is pure adventure and personal commitment as well as courage and tension. “And ” risk is always rewarded in painting “.

Risk in painting

Taking a risk also means having to take failures. This means that not every started picture succeeds. But you can be rewarded with fantastic interpretations and successful paintings. And especially the medium of watercolor is predestined for this, because you can not always control it. You have to work with the surprise effect. 

Frank Köpsch in the watercolor course with Bernhard Vogel

It was very nice to get acquainted with Frank Koebsch, a watercolour arist and blogger from Sanitz. Who also took the Venice course with Bernhard. The pictures below were taken during the course by him. I am very happy that he has made it available to me and I can show it here in my blog. 

Many thanks to Frank Koebsch!


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