When is an expressive watercolor complete?

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The final phase of  an expressive watercolor

Expressive does not mean realistic but artistically transposing impressions. Here it is more difficult to achieve a balanced result in a picture than in realistic painting because every brushstroke is intuitivley set.

When I’m working on an expressive watercolor and getting to the final stage of the painting, I’m often so lost in detail that I can not look objectively at the whole picture.

The narrow view prevents me from seeing what the painting still needs or if the picture is possibly already finished.



On the one hand, I do not want to stop because I’m so involved in the painting process and I really want to create the perfect picture. On the other hand, I know that the temporal distance to the painting is important to have a new look at it.

If I just put the watercolor down for a day, my point of view changes and I can see what´s necessary.  But sometimes a picture takes weeks or even years to finish.

It is helpful for me to look at the picture more often from a distance during the painting process. Taking a few steps back to look at it critically make things visible that I often do not see close up.

If I pay attention to all this and conclude that a painting looks balanced and harmonious then an expressive  waterclor is ready for me.


Never throw away failed expressive watercolors

Of course, there are also failures in the completion of an expressive watercolor but then you can still save a painting with another image section.

I test different image sections with a halved passe-partout and often there is still a great motive. That´s why you should never throw away failed works.

Just try it.

I’m glad if you share your experiences here with me!

Your Angela Tatli


  1. Kamran Khan

    Angela you are truly an intuitive artist. You have beautifully defined the phases through which an artist passes. Impretionists have more challenges because their every stroke is final and you are master in.

    • Angela Tatli

      Hi Kamran, I am very happy that you have written to me and that you understnd what I want to describe as an artist. Thank you very much.

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