Watercolor: Light and shadow

von | 11.11.2017 | Landscape |

Running home and getting the watercolor block and paint took too long.

The lighting conditions would change too quickly and the mood would be lost.

With my smartphone, which is always there, I shot some photos.

Back home, I couldn´t wait to see the pictures on the computer and started the picture the same day. The mood in the forest was still alive in my memory.

It was important for me to capture the atmosphere and the representation of light and shadow. The large paper filled with color and this work, see above, was created. It gave me a lot of pleasure to paint it.

Hope you like it too.

Your Angela Tatli

My watercolor with trees, light and shadow,

I want to tell you how this picture came about.

It was a beautiful day to go for a walk. As so often, it happens that I´m in the mitddle of a fascinating scenery in nature and have nothing for a small watercolor to sketch it. So too on this sunny afternoon.

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